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Hi there – I’m Kim, the Manager of Welcome Nurseries @ Catterick Garrison.

Welcome to our nursery in Hipswell, North Yorkshire, a pleasant, homely and wonderful place with brilliant facilities. I hope this is the perfect find for your little one!

Parents choose us because of our highly qualified staff team, our comforting playrooms and our close connection with the local community.

This nursery has a great approach to play, providing children with learning journals for documenting their achievements throughout the day and supporting them as they discover new things.

We provide childcare for children aged new born to five years and have access to a lovely garden, as well as being walking distance to local parks, primary and secondary schools and the village hall.

Located in the picturesque and quiet village of Hipswell and with parking on site and bus stops nearby, our nursery is small, comforting and perfect for your child.

What happens in a day in the life of a Nursery Manager?

What does a normal day involve for you?

As a nursery manager I am office based but it is always wonderful to walk around the rooms in the day in order to check in on the children and to see how they are getting on.

I ensure that all of the staff are informed and are ready for the day ahead, it is important for me to know that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.

I have been working at the nursery for twelve years now and no day is the same, it is really wonderful to watch the children succeed and to try new things daily.

Why do you love your job?

I absolutely love my job because it is incredible to be able to see the children develop and discover new things every single day. I also really enjoy working alongside my wonderful team who are all brilliant, highly trained and incredibly passionate about what they do.

Why do parents love your nursery?

I think the parents love the nursery because of the close relationship we share with them as staff. It is very important to keep parents and carers informed and up to date with everything that happens at the nursery. This is why we take such pride in ensuring that the children’s journals are packed full of everything they have been up to, because we know that the parents love to read them too. I think the parents also really appreciate the nursery because of how flexible and understanding we are. Everyone’s situation is different and we always take this into account.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of work?

My favourite hobbies revolve around spending time with my family when I am not at work, getting up to all kinds of adventures.


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  • A positive, welcoming team of childcare professionals.
  • A refurbished, refreshed and vibrant environment.
  • Healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.
  • The highest levels of safety and security.

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How do I book a place for my child?

If you would like to book a place for your child, please fill out the enquiry form, we will then get in touch with you to discuss your interest further.

Are all staff DBS (CRB/police) checked and first aid trained?

All our staff have an enhanced DBS check, this is our way of ensuring quality and safety in our team. All our staff are also paediatric first aid trained and fully aware of the correct action to take in an emergency. We understand that safety is your primary concern – it is ours too.

My child has special educational needs, can they still attend?

Yes, we are happy to discuss any specific requirements you might have regarding SENDCo for your child, working to provide the best possible experience for your little one. We follow the layout of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a government approved structure for the development and learning of all children aged newborn to five years. Along these lines, we deliver a full range of activities for your little ones, aimed at boosting their communication and aiding them in new discoveries daily. 


We are so pleased we chose Welcome Nurseries@Catterick Garrison to look after our son. He is incredibly happy there and the staff have made us all feel so welcome – even with the current restrictions. The staff are always super friendly and helpful. He always comes out with a huge smile on his face and very excited about all the things he has done throughout the day. It really is a wonderful nursery!


Highly recommend this wonderful place! My little one has been going for nearly 2 years and I’m very happy with how friendly, caring and professional everyone is. Thanks girls for all your dedication and hard work.


I would highly recommend Welcome Nurseries@Catterick Garrison! My little boy attended before starting school earlier this month. He had a little trouble settling at first as he had never been away from me but the staff were amazing and worked so hard to settle him in and I knew he was in safe hands. He soon settled and then never looked back! I have no doubt in my mind that the outstanding care he received at preschool prepared him for his next step to school! He has started school a confident, happy and inquisitive young man! All of the staff are fantastic, attentive and have a genuine love and care for the children. The facilities and resources the children have access to both indoors and outdoors are great. There is so much open-ended play allowing them to really use their imaginations and lots of role play opportunities, helping to really prepare them for their lives ahead. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hipswell Kindergarten to anyone.


Such an amazing little nursery! My little girl has blossomed so much since starting. She wouldn’t be the lovely little girl she is now had it not been for Welcome Nurseries@Catterick Garrison.


Welcome Nurseries@Catterick Garrison is fantastic! The staff are wonderful, they are very welcoming and have made both my children feel at ease. The activities they do each session are engaging and exciting. I cannot recommend this nursery enough. Thank you to all the team members.


Amazing nursery! My eldest is now at school but loved his time at here and he came on leaps and bounds. My youngest is still at nursery and he runs in every morning eager to attend and play with his friends. The staff are all amazing and I feel like he is treated as if he were one of their own children. Thank you so much for the brilliant care you have and still do provide for my boys.


My son absolutely loves this nursery, the girls that work here are just amazing and I trust each and everyone of them. My son has come on so much since starting here, I only really noticed during lockdown when he would do something “new” and it would amaze me. Communication throughout this whole COVID 19 thing has been fantastic and really reassuring. I hope to have my daughter in kindergarten post maternity leave too. I wouldn’t have my children anywhere else. – fantastic nursery and such devoted staff!

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